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30 seconds with Janina Hoffmann

Janina Hoffmann is an oikos Reutlingen alumna who recently joined our Marketing and Communications Working Group (WG). She is a dedicated, hard-working sustainability-enthusiast and fashion buff. Janina also worked on the new look of our newsletter.

I joined the WG to support oikos with my graphic design skills. I wanted to gain practical insights about marketing for a sustainable organization and find possibilities to make the communication of oikos more influential. Furthermore, I am really eager to improve my manner of communicating about Sustainability. Generally, I am exploring and still searching for new ways for delivering sustainability topics to other people. In brief, I want to understand what the right balance between talking about the problem and talking about a possible sustainable solution is.

At the WG, our main objective is to amplify the voice of oikos and to make it more impactful. We are working on new strategies for the different realms of oikos communications such as newsletter, website, reporting, Instagram sharing, etc.

Here, you are paid with experience and experience is the only thing that sticks. My highlights are the meetings with my team members even though it is a pity we cannot let ideas bloom together in one room. Especially, great is that I got to know some new programmes like Canva and Mailchimp. Trying out new design layouts for the newsletter was a lot of fun.

If you were to ask me if I would recommend others to join the WG, I would only exclaim: Yes, yes, yes. On top of the great experience you gain, you get the opportunity to learn something in a field where you might want to get a deeper insight or even find out whether this field is interesting for you. Also, you have the chance to transfer your knowledge to other oikees and thereby empower them. Finally, I would like to thank, Alexis and Mariam for keeping the oikos community in the loop about oikos IMPACT and sharing your knowledge with me.