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Board 2022 Candidates

The following oikees have applied to be elected for the oikos International Board for 2021, in alphabetical order:


Mehraj Aliyev | oikos Baku

Mehraj is a bachelor graduate of International Relations at Baku Engineering University. He is a receptive person with a passion for Sustainability and a member of the oikos since 2017. Mehraj obtained BA degree in International Relations in 2020. Besides his activities in oikos Baku, he worked in European External Actions Services (EEAS), Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE), Center for Analysis of International Relations (AIR Center) in different positions. He has a mature outlook of life and is always committed to his tasks. He believes that there’s always “one more thing” to learn.



Francois Bernier | oikos Brussels

Coming from Belgium, François is currently studying for a Master in International Business Management at Ichec Brussels School of Management.
He joined oikos Brussels in February 2020, before becoming its president from September 2020 for one year. During this time, he worked to develop oikos Brussels, improve the chapter’s visibility, and adapt the Chapter’s activities during the pandemic era.
In May 2021 he also started developing a grassroot Community Building initiative to help oikos develop a stronger international community, break down the gap between the chapters and with oikos international, to overall create a stronger network.


Anna Kurth | oikos St. Gallen

Anna is a 5th semester Bachelor Student in International Affairs at the University of St.Gallen and the current president of oikos St.Gallen. In her role, Anna represents the 100+ dedicated students working towards the oikos mission: to empower student change agents, raise awareness for sustainability opportunities and challenges and build institutional support for the meaningful integration of sustainability in the HSG curriculum. Anna is also a Regional Leader of PRME`s global student (PGS) network. Prior to her engagement in oikos, she held interned at an ESG-consultancy in Zurich and held leadership positions in various purpose-driven student clubs and contributed to multiple international sustainability and peace-building conferences.


Carolin Lemke | oikos Reutlingen

I am Carolin, I was born in Germany in 1999 and I study International Business in Reutlingen, Germany. A few years ago, I started to learn more and more about sustainability, climate change and its impacts on our lives and future. That’s why I joined the oikos chapter in Reutlingen in 2018 and helped organising several events at university. In 2020, I became a member of the Fundraising Working Group. With my commitment I want to contribute to the impact oikos has on individuals, their education and personal development. In my free time, I like to do yoga, cook and be outside.


Yari Marquina | oikos Barcelona

Yari loves all things related to design and marketing, which means making, drafting, building and learning. Yari’s talents lie in constantly pushing her curiosity further. Outside of work she loves to drink coffee, draw and bake. She has been involved within oikos when she joined the Barcelona chapter in 2018. Since then, she has been working to make the world a little bit more sustainable through marketing. Yari has managed diverse marketing campaigns both at national and international level, her skills combine branding, data-driven marketing analysis and social media marketing strategy – all with an understanding of team and business requirements. She loves to work with people, participate in co-creative processes and take action within a global business environment while making a meaningful difference.


Elena Müller | oikos St. Gallen

My name is Elena and I would describe myself as a curious and positive learner who is always looking out for an opportunity to grow in my role as xy. Coming from Switzerland, I have supported the oikos St. Gallen chapter as the vice-president for one year focusing on organizational development and impact assessment. My background in business innovation allows me to take a look ahead and develop creative ideas. I am pretty sure that both social and technological innovation are necessary to solve the wicked problems and systemic boundaries of today. I am passionate about learning the methodologies to understand and be part of the solution to these problems.



Niklas Ziemann | oikos Hamburg

Niklas, 28, from Hamburg, northern Germany. I have traveled a lot. I am a student of Social Economics. I involve myself in many voluntary positions and politics. I am interested in technology, the economy, global trade, nature, classical music and I am a Netflix junky. I have like 40 plants in my flat. I would love to live by the sea. I am a number enthusiast, have played quite a lot of video games in my life, am extroverted and like to discuss everything, especially unpopular opinions. I am a self confident and very positive person and love my life.