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Exploring Sustainable Leadership – CEE Meeting in Warsaw

“Sustainable Leadership: Environmental Protection Challenges” was the topic at the seventh Central and Eastern European Regional Meeting that took place in Warsaw from 6th to 9th of September. oikos members from 9 countries had a chance to discuss the subject and meet leading players of the Polish sustainability landscape.

The participants explored themes like slow fashion and sustainable consumption, fair electronics, sustainable urbanization, socially responsible investments, and Zero Waste. They received insights into each of these domains from leading practitioners and fervent advocates for the change towards sustainability. The oikees learned about an ambitious plan of the Institute for eco-development that details their vision for transforming the city of Warsaw and explored responsible investing ideas in the Polish market with Dr. Tomasz Wiśniewski from Polish Stock Exchange.

The participants were inspired by the “Polish zero waste association” and were intrigued by their experience in the field. The oikees debated about Zero Waste Lifestyle and brainstormed on implementing Zero Waste ideas into practice.

The meeting also hosted a discussion on oikos governance structure and enabled the participants to provide feedback to the Governance Working Group.

Participants had a chance to get a feeling of the city’s lively atmosphere and learn more about Polish culture and cuisine. They left the meeting filled with enthusiasm and motivation for further advocating for the sustainable practices and ideas.