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Co-Presidency 2021: Meet the Candidates

On August 15 the oikos Chapters will elect the first ever Co-President of oikos International who is set to begin their term at the end of the year.
Today, we are delighted to present to you the two amazing candidates from our community.

Mehraj Aliyev
oikos Baku, Azerbaijan

Mehraj is a bachelor graduate of International Relations at Baku Engineering University. He is a receptive person with a passion for Sustainability and a member of the oikos since 2017. Mehraj obtained BA degree in International Relations in 2020. Besides his activities in oikos Baku, he worked in European External Actions Services (EEAS), Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE), Center for Analysis of International Relations (AIR Center) in different positions.

He has a mature outlook of life and is always committed to his tasks. He believes that there’s always “one more thing” to learn.

As oikos, as oikees from all around the world, we should set up our options for the future!
Now please think and write down the three things in the comment you want to see in our world.
I would like to say the item I wrote in the first line: Sustainability. As long as we embrace our vision, mission and do this as oikos community, I know that we can encourage those all around us.


Darija Miletić
oikos Belgrade, Serbia

Darija is a student of Molecular biology and physiology at the University of Belgrade. She loves to explore the world and has many different hobbies and passions. Besides being a scientist, she is very passionate about art, playing a piano, opera singing and working in classical music concert halls in Belgrade with great affection for Cuban music and salsa dance.

Darija enjoys being involved in her community, and volunteers on many events supporting sustainability, recycling, environmental and animal protection, human rights, leading to her joining the oikos community nearly 5 years ago. She became aware of climate change issues back in high chool, realizing the need to do something and promising herself she would one day make an invention to allow nature and humans to coexist together in the right and most natural way. And she intends to do it through continuous work at oikos, and by influencing society around her and raising awareness all around the world.

… Let’s steward and strengthen our global community of student change agents. Let’s learn, create and develop together. Let’s care for each other, spread awareness and grow as human beings on this learning journey. Leading together, hand in hand…