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Counting down the days to oikos Camp

The excitement grows as we near the kick-off of the oikos Camp!

This year 5 teams will gather working together on developing their projects from 8 to 14 August. They will be hosted by our amazing Transforming Education Team with support from oikos International Team and oikos Community Members in sunny Barcelona. More precisely, the participants will be based in a cozy eco village that, while still near and easily accessible from the city, provides a level of seclusion from the everyday life and city noise, making it easier to connect to beautiful surrounding nature and focus of bringing the best out of projects at hand. Throughout the week, our team will make sure that all teams get the space for most fruitful collaboration, provide support with trained coaches and give a platform for sharing the results and outcomes of Camp projects.

The camp teams were created around five projects, with some familiar names – like the Sustainable Finance Toolkit – making a return after last year’s oikos Camp. Two of them are based on the oikos Squad structure – oikos community groups gathering oikees with similar interests and passions. The Curriculum Change Squad is our long-lasting squad which is going to take on a new shape at the camp and will be joined by a new – Story Squad centered around creating and sharing Transforming Education Stories. Finally, the Sustainability Basecamp and Sustainable Business Model are the teams covering topics and areas that have not been previously part of the oikos Camp. If last year’s Camp projects are anything to go by, we are excited to see what the week in sunny Catalonia will bring to the world of Transforming Education!