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News oikos Academy

A brief look into the second Curriculum Academy

The oikos Curriculum Academy is participant-driven workshop for students, early career researchers, faculty representatives and other stakeholders, developed and facilitated by oikos student members. Its main purpose is to reflect and learn about innovative economics and management programs and teaching approaches that are designed to address current global environmental and social challenges.

The second edition of oikos Curriculum Academy took place from April 3 to 5. Originally planned both online and onsite in Lausanne following the success of such format of the first Academy last year in Prague, the organizing team was forced to shift it into a fully online format.

This, however, didn’t pose much of a problem to oikos Lausanne and the Curriculum Change Team of oikos International who worked hard to put together a three-day workshop gathering and connecting experienced voices from academia and students eager to push for a change in how students are taught economics and management.

Over the three days, participants tried to grasp the breadth of economics and management subjects and relate them to current social and environmental challenges. The Academy once again proved to be a prolific platform for bringing together professors, young researchers and students to discuss and better understand each other’s needs. Such understanding, along with exchanging their ideas and experiences, is key for building partnerships and collaborations towards driving the curriculum change based on.

Perhaps sometimes it feels such change is not too likely to happen and we can easily be discouraged by the lack of understanding of the sustainability issues. In such cases we need to look at successful real-world examples. One of those is the Cusanus University, which showed sustainability-centered studies are possible. This should be a motivating factor pushing us to work hard and work together in order to drive the change at our universities and subsequently on the planetary level.

We would like to thank all of those who took part in this inspiring weekend. Stay tuned for the next oikos Curriculum Academy!