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Introducing oikos Sustainability Basecamp

We recently launched oikos Sustainability Basecamp – our remote, self-paced, sustainability, learning platform to equip you for for facing sustainability challenges and exploring how to live more sustainable lives.

Through Basecamp you’ll get remote and self-paced training, along with a base of resources providing orientation and an exchange platform with fellow peers taking on the similar journey. The future ahead carries a number of sustainability challenges for the humanity to face like migrating populations, unbearable heatwaves and many things we cannot imagine yet. It means we will have to adapt and change on the way. Basecamp will prepare you with all you need to step out and make a real impact – from widening your sustainability knowledge to growing your competencies to navigate complex challenges.

A basecamp is the place where hikers prepare for long climbs. It is where they hear the stories from former trips, learn about the landscape, & get equipped with the gear they need for the journey. Very often, it is also where you find your companions for your hike. We love the analogy to our work in sustainability – let’s get prepared & walk further together. oikos is a diverse community, joining a colorful mix of people from different cultures & study backgrounds. Basecamp is an opportunity that prepares us to venture out & climb mount sustainability together, starting well-equipped, & with a joint understanding of direction.

Join the Basecamp:

WHEN? Join at any time over the year or start with us at one of the quarterly kick off meetings

WHO? Any oikees & friends of oikos can join, either as a solo traveller or with a group

HOW? Sign up here to receive all instructions via email and learn more

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on discord if there is any question.

Your basecamp tour guides are here for you!