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[CLOSED] Join our team: We’re looking for a Fundraising Volunteer

Love the work oikos International does? 

Help us fundraise to make our projects reality. Join to work in our Fundraising Circle to connect with our partners, practice grant writing, and outreach to corporations. 

We’re looking for volunteers that can research and connect us to individuals that want to expand the impact our student projects can have.

Message me or send an email to to join.

What is the oikos Fundraising Initiative?

oikos International fundraising centers around raising money to support the organization and programming for a global community of university students. The volunteer would help secure funds to host events and workshops around Transforming Education and Leadership Development. 

oikos seeks funding from organizations that align with values around sustainable development and empowering change agents. Funds are raised through foundations, governmental agencies, and corporations. 

What are the responsibilities of the oikos volunteer & what is the estimated time commitment?

The purpose of the role is to take on responsibilities in fundraising for our initiatives. As a volunteer, you would help strategizing our roadmap and researching and applying to different organizations. 

The time commitment is flexible, with an estimation of 2-3h/week on a self-paced, virtual basis. The volunteer will start in the fall of 2022 and the position will be focused on the project closing into next year. Having knowledge / experience with  oikos is a plus but we welcome and appreciate volunteers from outside the organization that can bring us a new perspective. .

Tasks can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Researching organizations to apply for funding from 
  • Sharing findings and making recommendations for funding applications
  • Networking with organizations and outreach to them
  • Answering comments & emails
  • Manage our crowdfunding platform: writing projects, thank donors etc
  • Update our Fundraising Database on a regular basis
  • Research alternative fundraising revenue streams for oikos

What will you get from joining the team?

  • Impact the education of university students around the world while practicing co-creation around programming and events 
  • Work experience in a virtual project setting with the opportunity to shape a projects strategy and milestones #projectmanagementskills
  • Become part of a network of student change agents & alumni, all working for a more just & sustainable tomorrow
  • Work with purpose in a multicultural, dynamic, international team that puts a high value on walking the talk and innovating ways of working
  • Learn about the day-to-day working of an international organization and gain insights into the global opportunities and challenges of international NGOs
  • Gain experience in working remotely in a virtual office
  • Connect to an extensive network of various NGOs
  • Develop skills and hands-on experience in fundraising

Who are our volunteers?

Volunteers are autonomous members of the International team, trusted with particular projects in a certain area. They become part of our teams and take real responsibility in making oikos work.

Are you interested in joining our Crew? Contact us via email or directly apply here!

Apply with this link.

Our Mission

Economics and Management purposed for a sustainable world.

Our Vision

To transform economics and management education by empowering student change agents, raising awareness for sustainability opportunities and challenges, and building institutional support for curriculum reform.

About oikos

oikos is an international student-driven organization for sustainability in economics and management. Founded in 1987 in Switzerland, we today empower leaders to drive change towards sustainability worldwide. With almost 50 chapters, 1,000 active members, and 10,000+ alumni we have a broad community of sustainability leaders. 

Our programs embed environmental and social perspectives in faculties for economics and management. They comprise conferences, seminars, speeches, simulation games and other initiatives to transform teaching and research. They promote the integration of sustainability in curricula and provide platforms for learning, creating and sharing solutions.

The heart of our organization are our student members who turn ideas into action, currently in 48 oikos chapters around the world. They are supported by a global community of oikos alumni, advisors, faculty, and partners, as well as an international team working remotely across the globe.