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Join the Pilot Study of TASK – The Assessment of Sustainability Knowledge by Sulitest!

Our friends from Sulitest are inviting students to join the Pilot Study of TASK from 31 October to 18 November 2022. Sign up form.

The certificate, at the heart of the Sulitest movement

In order to build a sustainable world, it is imperative to improve the knowledge, skills and mindset on sustainable development among a large number of people, especially decision-makers. It’s also imperative to have students at the heart of the Sulitest/TASK Certificate.

While the world and organizations do need experts capable of solving some of the specific problems in their field, given the stakes, interconnections, and deadlines, it is now essential to massify the sustainability literacy movement by working with young people and ensuring that an increasing number of graduates and professionals have sufficient understanding to integrate sustainable development into their professional practices and decisions.

This is the mission of the Sulitest movement, which provides universities and organizations with the tools to integrate sustainability education into their institutions, programs, and courses. But to be effective, it is also essential to be able to measure this knowledge at the individual and cohort levels. The Awareness Test offered on the Sulitest platform allows for the identification of major trends that are already very useful. However, as a training tool, the flexibility offered to educators and the very structure of the test do not currently allow for an accurate measurement of knowledge of sustainable development.

A standard to massify the movement

By launching the first international certificate of knowledge on sustainable development, Sulitest intends to create the standard that is essential to change the system. This standard will act as a lever so that understanding sustainable development is not a luxury reserved for students in dedicated masters’ programs or activists committed to certain causes, but the common language of all students regardless of their training.

A robust measurement tool that can be easily integrated into any course or program, this certificate will provide relevant data for measuring, monitoring, and steering the spread of this common language. By becoming an essential standard, it will have a massive impact in making sustainable development “mainstream” and no longer be a privilege of experts only.

The critical role of Students, Student Networks and other Youth Organisations.

Unless we bring sustainability knowledge, skill and mindset into education, we will not make the environmental, social and economic advances we need in our increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Our vision is a new generation of change makers that are informed, committed and empowered to make a meaningful and lasting impact. Society needs individuals and teams equipped to navigate uncertainty and to confront the complex issues we are all faced
with such as the climate and biodiversity crisis and rising inequality. TASK makes this vision

TASK needs students and their organisations to endorse TASK and become Ambassadors for its mission. Work with us to encourage your students’ universities and colleges to commit to using TASK. Help us ensure the TASK Certificate meets their needs and ensure they thrive in a more sustainable world.

Interested? Sign up by filling this form!

For more information – check out the TASK presentation.