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Join us for the oikos Camp Conference on 28 August

The oikos Curriculum Camp is a week-long gathering for teams working on projects related to sustainability in economics and management education. It will take place from 23 to 28 of August in Sestriere, Italy.

At the camp, nine topical teams will be working on producing learning and teaching materials around Sustainable Finance, Ecological Economics, Positive Impact Rating Case Studies, Micro LEAP: A leadership program for chapters, Diversify and Decolonize the Curriculum, Pluralist Economics Certificate Project, Curriculum Review of Economics Education in Italy, Curriculum Review of Economics and Management Education at ESADE Barcelona, and Economy Studies: A New Approach to Economics Education. On Saturday, 28 August, at 15:00 CEST we will host an open oikos Camp Conference where these teams will have an opportunity to share with the whole community their outputs and answer any questions you may have. If you want to hear more or further explore their amazing work, join us for the oikos Camp Conference by sending us an email to and we will send you the zoom link!

Through the Curriculum Camp, we hope to support the development of participant’s knowledge and empower them to carry out their projects of producing a number of specific tools which can be useful to the oikos community in our work to integrate sustainability into economics and management education. At Camp, teams, including those formed at the FutureLab, will have a chance to develop their skills and really focus on their projects, working on the development of a single concrete output that can take your initiative forward. The event will feature an interactive program which will support the groups in further developing their projects, and will offer training sessions on specific skills such as educational innovation, interactive facilitation, and creative communication.

We’re looking forward to seing you at the oikos Camp Conference!