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oikos Asia Meet 2018 in Kolkata: towards a sustainable future

oikos Kolkata organized the annual Asia Meet with a single objective to keep the topic of sustainability alive among students and push them towards thinking on the sustainable future. With this view in mind, all the events centered around discussing and putting forward ideas for a better future – be it the National Case Competition or the Sustainable Marketing Competition, where participants solved real-world problems to address the issue of sustainability in business or the Pitch Your Idea event that aimed to bring together foreign exchange students from IIM Calcutta to share their views on a sustainable future. The Design thinking workshop was organized to promote social entrepreneurship among students and welcomed over 60 participants. A former World Wildlife Fund employee, who is currently a student at IIM Calcutta, presented her work on wildlife from the northeastern part of India in a documentary. Events like Toastmasters and debate pushed students to voice out their opinions on some of the most pressing issues of our times. Finally, the event Sandharran, an art display competition, examined the meaning of sustainability through the medium of paintings, photographs, and poems.

Over 100 students actively participated in these events and reminded themselves that they have a much bigger responsibility towards not only humanity but the entire planet.

© Priya Maloo – winner of the competition – Sandharran