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Short Interview with Two oikos Board of Trustees Members

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.57.271. What are you passions? 


Mark Wade: Passion for developing responsible leaders, especially the next generation of young people, so critical to achieving a sustainable world for all. I believe in doing my best to ‘walk the talk’ by building a very eco-efficient house for me and my family and driving an electric car. I have been fortunate that my career has given me the opportunity to be involved in sustainability thinking, change management and leadership development – the most rewarding role to have. I work with companies, institutions, government agencies and NGOs helping them understand the importance of sustainability to strategy, markets and culture and in bringing about change.


Thomas Dyllick: Share my passion for sustainability to make it relevant for business, academia and students.



2. What drew you to oikos as a Trustee?


Mark Wade: I was drawn to oikos because of its mission, values and activities in bringing sustainability into leadership and the curriculum of business schools. This sits perfectly with my passions and enables me to work with inspiring young oikos people from all across the world.


Thomas Dyllick: I have been with oikos for 39 years now, since I was an oikos President in St. Gallen in 1977.



3. What projects or initiatives do you support in oikos?Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.57.17


Mark Wade: Having been a friend, unofficial advisor and mentor to oikos for many years I am now a Trustee. I take an interest in supporting strategy development and the review of implementation plans and the LEAP programme. I help make connections to get speakers for the FutureLab and in help behind the scenes on general advice and thinking on governance.


Thomas Dyllick: I chair the oikos Cases Programme Competition track of Corporate Sustainability and I strongly support oikos in St. Gallen and COMMIT.



4. What impact do you wish to have within oikos?


Mark Wade: I hope my contributions will add to the effectiveness of oikos in achieving its mission.


Thomas Dyllick: Help to create more long-term stability for oikos.