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oikos Germany Meeting 2018: Let’s Talk about Tex

Over 20 oikos members from Reutlingen, Tübingen, Witten, Paderborn, Bayreuth and Köln,  as well as alumni and oikos Executive Board Member, Tiphaine Rouault, came together in Reutlingen, Germany to participate in the annual Germany Meeting. This year the Meeting titled “Let’s Talk about Tex” revolved around the topic of sustainability in the textile industry.

The participants visited a local textile production facility to see and learn how cotton blossoms are transformed into a piece of textile. Presentation from a company producing bio cotton enabled the participants to gain insight into the business characteristics of sustainable production.

Some of the participants stepped in and organized workshops for their peers on topics such as zero waste, challenges and opportunities of the textile fashion industry at the international level, and climate action.

The oikees had an opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences and share their concern regarding textile industry with the like-minded people. In addition, they were able to discuss oikos and our activities at the international level.

Moreover, couchsurfing organized by oikos Reutlingen members enabled the participants to get to know better each other and make new friendships.

The meeting was all about sustainability and was a great opportunity for generating a high level of input in the field.