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“oikos is for life!”

Whilst we wait for the Annual Report 2015 to come out (expected for April 2016), here a sneak peak testimonial.


“Sustainability has always been an issue that is very near and dear to my heart! During my studies in international business administration, I noticed this topic was missing in the traditional way of management education. This is one of the reasons I joined oikos back in 2009 and seven years after, I am still so excited to be involved in this organization. Being part of the oikos community is a truly great experience, it provides infinite amounts of inspiration and energy! I have so beautiful memories of working together with motivated students in my local chapter and then sharing ideas, meeting incredibly intelligent, inspiring people from all over the world during international meetings. Coming back from a Spring Meeting or the Future Lab, you really want to elaborate projects, implement new ideas and change the world!


And this is the case even if you already graduated!! We, oikos alumni, should definitely stay in touch with these kindred spirits, share our expertise, our passion and not unlearn the values we learned within oikos… because we definitely represent the values of the future! Hence, I would like to say to each and everyone of you: ‘Don’t miss the opportunity to engage in oikos, make a difference, have an impact and stay an oikee FOR LIFE!” – Axel Bozier, oikos Reims Alumnus