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oikos Welcomes a New Alumni Ambassador to the Netherlands

Carlijn van Dam, oikos Paris alumna, joined our network of alumni Ambassadors. Carlijn will engage with our alumni in the Netherlands, as she will be working to strengthen ties and facilitate new connections between the Dutch chapters, their members, and alumni.

Carlijn shared her story with us:

“My name is Carlijn van Dam. I am 24 and I am from the Netherlands. After doing a bachelor degree in Psychology in Amsterdam, I went to Paris to pursue a master’s in Economics & Psychology. During this program in behavioral economics, I got highly interested in pro-environmental behavior change and wrote my thesis on this subject as well.

During the second year, I found out about oikos and immediately felt a great alignment with its vision. As the chapter was no longer active in Paris, I decided to revive it. Together with 4 amazing and motivated girls, we revitalize the Paris chapter! My favorite oikos memory is the Spring Meeting in Hamburg. It was an inspiring weekend where we received a lot of positive feedback and encouragement from all the other chapters.

After returning back to the Netherlands, I completed an internship at Tony’s Chocolonely – a social enterprise in the Netherlands – researching the French market. Currently, I work as a sustainability consultant at KPMG in Amstelveen (NL).

The open learning environment in oikos, which enables you to discover new insights, broaden or deepen your interests and obtain different perspectives through sharing, motivates me to promote this exchange actively, as an alumni ambassador, both within oikos in the Netherlands, as well as internationally between oikos Netherlands and countries such as France. I strive to help and support others as I, myself, have been supported by other driven oikees within the oikos community!

If you are an oikos alumnus or alumna in the Netherlands, (or just want to share your thoughts, questions or oikos experience, please don’t hesitate to) e-mail me!