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Presenting oikos Winter School 2020 speakers

We are delighted to present the speakers for the upcoming Winter School organized by oikos Witten/Herdecke chapter.


Dr. Falko von Ameln (Priv. -Doz., Dipl. -Psychologe)

Is there a future for organizations without hierarchies? What could advance the humanization of work? What are the main fields of conflicts that arise within the transformation of the industrial society? Dr. Falko von Ameln will speak about the main change drivers of work and compare different developments within the structure of Organizations. Alongside a comparison of a hierarchical system with a self-controlled system and the market logic, he will speak about the humanization of work and the digital Taylorism.

Maximilian Locher

„Utopia of Work? Digitization as Problem and Solution for Work and Society” is the question that will stand in the focus of Maximilan Lochers Keynote. As the digitization is a new development which brings many new possibilities but also many risks, he will focus on the question of how we can shape the digitization of organizations in a way that paves the way to a more human and innovative future.

Sophie Charrois, Patrizzia Rocha and Ellen Decoodt

Sophie Charrois, Patrizzia Rocha and Ellen Decoodt will host a Workshop, which will focus on a living systems perspective on organizations (or ‘organic forms of organizing’). How this perspective can form our understanding of work and how organizations can move there will be discussed. Moreover, they will speak about strategic planning for sustainability and some very applicable tools. The discussions will be very interactive and leave much room to bring in own ideas and perspectives.

Dominic Lindner

What is “agile work” and how can it look like? What are agile organizations? Dominic Lindner will focus on the transformation of organizations within the digitization. He will give an analysation of the current situation of organizations and then speak of methods of agile work. Further, he will speak about specific methods like cloud-computing and virtual teams.

Dr. Simone Schiller-Merkens

Dr. Simone Schiller-Merkens will host a workshop on the transformation from capitalism towards a sustainable economy with a focus on the consequences for the working system.

Matías Dewey

Matías Deweys keynote with the title „understanding of how the world works” will be about work in the informal sector.

Janina Urban

Research Associate with an academic degree in economics and politics Research Institute for Social Development. Her focus is on changing of economics taught in a sustainable way.

Dina Sophia König

She is an enthusiastic, curious and open person. She is a Business Psychologist, Business Coach and a qualified Meditation Instructor. She worked for IKEA in HR departments and now starts her own business which brings mindfulness to people who work in health care.

Patrizza Rocha 

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Patrizzia is a Biologist and holds an
M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering with 7 years of experiences in environmental licensing processes and socio-environmental
projects in Brazil. Her curiosity about
how nature works and how humans have been impacting the planet both negatively and positively have lead her to seek for knowledge and successful experiences. Supporting people to keep their natural connection with the planet, fostering holistic thinking and increasing understanding of our complex society and environments. 

Ellen Decoodt

I am a young woman, following my own path in life, not knowing where it will bring me or how I will get there. Until now my biography would start with “Ellen Decoodt is a Belgian freelance production manager in the perfor- ming arts …” Although I am still Belgian, this sentence isn’t true anymore. I am heading towards a new professional direction. I used to work with artists, arts institutions and art organisations, I was managing a lot of practical and adminis- trative things in order to enable them to focus on the artistic content. 

At a certain point I realised I missed a lot in my job: I didn’t learn anymore, I missed content and a shared vision to work towards. Once I had acknowledged that fact, space for new perspectives appeared. These new perspectives lead me to Ms Strategic towards sustainability and at this moment I don’t yet know where the path of my life will bring me afterwards. 

Sophie Charrois

Sophie is an open-minded change agent with a passion for organizational development and community involvement. While unraveling the mysteries of the fashion & textile value chain during her first studies,
she became deeply involved in the topic of sustainability in higher education, economics & management by joining the international student network oikos. That‘s where she started embarking on a self-development and leadership journey that finally led her to MSLS in 2019. 

Dr. Guido Beck 

Research director at the Institute for Work and Economy at the University of Bremen. He is Research director at the Institute for Work and Economy at the University of Bremen. His Research interests are Structural change in employment and employment relationships,
Internal market control and ‘subjectivization of work’
New control concepts in public companies
Organizational mindfulness and organizational resilience, work and social sustainability
New forms of organization of work and Change in social services