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The applications for the oikos LEAP Advanced Track 2016/17 are open!

On a beautiful day in October 2015, in St Gallen, Switzerland, oikos LEAP officially debuted. With the motto that ‘great leaders set out to make a difference’, 40 participants from 20 countries gathered with excitement, ready to undertake their journey.



oikos LEAP is a non-formal sustainable leadership programme created by oikos, an international organisation for sustainability in economics and management. Its main purpose is to inspire young leaders to become more responsible in their decision-making and equip them with insights, knowledge and tools to do so. Three tracks are proposed by oikos LEAP: Advanced, Intermediate and Basic. The first is the most intensive track consisting of a series of online and offline modules that are based on the principles of experiential learning, supplemented by three guiding methodological concepts: exploring, sharing-practicing and reflecting.


With the participation of 17 people, out of the 40, between the ages of 20 and 29 from 9 countries, the first Advanced Track was a success. A French participant expressed that the programme “offered an international open space to share and listen, it helped have a better understanding of [oneself] and others’ behavior which is essential to act as a responsible leader”. The methodologies used attracted attention from various sources around the world. As an Azerbaijani participant shared “LEAP delivered constructive and very interesting webinars and teamwork. I was thrilled to be involved in such an unforgettable experience full of emotions and knowledge. It was beyond my expectations in terms of content and the way we were taught”. The innovative approach led to the team writing a paper for the Institute For Sustainable Leadership. The paper entitled, ‘The journey so far in oikos LEAP – A sustainable leadership programme for young leaders’, was then presented at the Symposium in Bangkok in May 2016.


On July 18th, 2016, the application for the new cycle of oikos LEAP opened to all oikos members and a new class will meet in November 2016, in Speicher, Switzerland to kick-off their journey. An Indian participant stated: “I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested to develop self-awareness, challenge the traditional definition of leadership and stretch your own limits at each step”. Therefore, if you identify with this urge, apply and if you wish to partner with the programme or contribute to do not hesitate to contact oikos.

To apply for the new cycle and for more information visit: or contact us at