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#WalkYourTalk Call II With HelpUsGreen and juteSache

As we get closer and closer to the deadline for FutureLab applications (September 18th!) we also proceed with our #WalkYourTalk calls. On Monday September 5th we had the opportunity to hear from the Entrepreneurship Learning Circle, the confirmation of all speakers at the FutureLab and two start-ups that originated in oikos: HelpUsGreen and juteSache. The founders, Ankit Agarwal and Mario Malzacher (co-founder), respectively, shared the journeys with us and how their idea came about – in the one case in an oikos Chapter, in the other at an oikos international conferences. They also shared their challenges, future plans and their reason for persisting.


Join the next of our bi-weekly calls for more exchange – always Monday at 5pm CEST here and register for the FutureLab here:!



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