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Nóra Locskai

The chapter of my life which was very much defined by oikos opened in 2011, when I was in the first year of my master’s studies in International Economics and I started the local oikos organization at Corvinus University of Budapest with a group of friends.
Later that year, I moved abroad to carry out internships. As I was no longer in Budapest to carry on with the local chapter activities, I applied to join the international oikos Executive Board in December.

Having been part of the EB for two years, I have met some of the most inspiring people in the world! Friendships, great discussions and the strong commitment of the oikos crowd to make change happen – no matter whether we were in Georgia, Prague, Maastricht or St. Gallen – is what I remember most vividly. Together with chapter presidents, we also initiated oikos fashion, an online learning circle and webinar series on sustainability in the textile industry with renowned international speakers. This was a project that made me realize the huge potential that oikos, as an international network connecting highly trained and ambitious young people from all over the world, holds.

My experience in the oikos EB, where I was mainly responsible for keeping in touch with the chapter members and facilitating information exchange in the network, has surely played a part in the fact that fueled by my interest in purpose-driven communication, I started working in the field of PR and Communications as a consultant.
Later, in 2016, I was hired by E.ON in Hungary to help launch the company’s flagship CSR project, an annual sustainability award program and I have been working there as a Communications Specialist ever since.

To this day, oikos remains a source of inspiration to me through my encounters with former members. It is always rewarding to discuss our ongoing plans, so if there are any ideas or projects you would like to talk about, drop me an email, I’d be happy to hear from you!

Nora was a founding member of oikos Budapest in 2010-2011 and a member of the oikos Executive Board between 2011-2013.