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oikos Newsletter July 2015

Thomas Edison said our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Had he given up the first time he had a failure, we would have still lived a lot like cavemen; the light bulb would have ceased to exist.
June has been a victorious month for people all over. A movement that started in 1924 finally saw the light of triumphness on June 26th when US ruled in favour of the same sex marriages. Then there was first of it’s kind history, when nearly 900 Dutch citizens filed a lawsuit against their government for failing to effectively cut greenhouse gas emissions and curb climate change. Women scientist came together to show Tim Hunt, that having them in the lab was just pure science and not #distractinglysexy, the trend that took over social media. June has been about bringing about the change. That would make July the take an action month!
So, don’t hold back. Be a part of change in our own very oikos ways. In this newsletter, don’t forget to sign up for the oikos Summer School in Georgia, the COMMIT Symposium, the CEE Meeting in Vienna and the most awaited event of the year: the FutureLab 2015! There’s also a sneak peak of Ona Akemu’s interview on winning the first prize in the Social Entrepreneurship track of the 12th annual oikos Case Writing Competition.


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