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Reportage & Business

For some reason there is a field of photography that can assure you a good entry of money: it’s the paparazzi photography and it’s becoming more than just a mass phenomenon.

Actually, those photographers who take and sell shots of Hollywood stars and music singers are building a few techniques that are specific for this field of photography and this lets us understand the importance that today such shots may have.

Actually, our époque is characterized by the presence of magazines and gossip that are a sort of industry conveying messages, sometimes hidden messages, and images to the people.


Who is a paparazzi?

We think that only special photographers can be paparazzi, but the fact is that anyone can be: the important point is to be in the right place at the right time. Many shots are taken only by case by people who were just there with their camera.

In reality, the lifestyle of a paparazzi is really hard. They have to know where and when to catch their star Vip and this means to be waiting for hours and to be able to shot even in bad climate conditions.

A really valuable shot is the one only you have. It would be useless to go to events to take shots, because hundreds photographers will be there and your shot won’t be that different than theirs.

When a Vip star is caught in their intimate and personal moment, then you have a really exclusive shot to sell.



He real business with paparazzi shots comes as you get a rare photo and you want to sell it. If you think it’s a sensational shot you can go directly to the tabloid publishers and it will be like winning a jackpot at or if it’s a good shot but not so earth breaking, you can go to a middlemen agencies working as intermediate between photographs and magazines.